shays rebellion encouraged national leaders to

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Create a stronger federal government and discard the articles of confederation. Under the articles of confederation, the federal government didn't have the power to control taxes. Because of this, the state governments made their taxes too high, which made farmers have a very large debt. The federal government couldn't do anything about these high taxes. Daniel shay led a group of farmers and rebels in rebellion. They didn't like the high debt they had, because they would be taken to court for it and could possibly go to jail. This rebellion made government officials realized that the federal government needed more power. That is why they discarded the articles of confederation, and soon established the U.S constitution. The constitution is now our supreme law of the land, and gave the federal government and state governments certain power. This practice is often called "Federalism", which is when power is divided/ shared between the federal and state governments

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Answer:seek alternatives to the Articles of Confederation.