Which best describes most of the early Jamestown settlers? A. gentlemen unprepared for hard work B. farmers with experience and skills C. carpenters ready to build shelters D. soldiers prepared to fight the Indians

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Accepted Answer

The early Jamestown settlers were most likely A. gentlemen unprepared for hard work The Jamestown colony was founded to earn profits much like the Spanish plantations in South and Central America were doing. Instead of the company to send hard workers however, they sent most middle class gentlemen who had only ever done little work. This led to:starvation inefficient leadership diseaseIn conclusion, the Jamestown Colony was ill planned because the Virginia company wanted to make profits off of the land yet sent people who were not prepared to work the land. Find out more at https://brainly.com/question/9764782.

Suggested Answer

The answer is A because the people that settle in Jamestown, didn't know how to farm and how to survive because they were eager to find gold and silver but instead they found sickness and disease.(was this helpful to you?)