What part did advances in technology play in the creation of the 'New Woman'? What group of women was largely excluded from this progress?

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Accepted Answer

The advances in technology such as the electric vacuum cleaner and and iron made housework easier and quicker. This let woman have more leisure and free time to do activities such as read or clubs. The women in rural cities were largely excluded from this progress because they didn't have access to electricity. 

Accepted Answer

iron, had made housework manageable and quicker. They were able to transport information towards others using the Radio. The women had the opportunity to be able to have free time with other activities such as book clubs, and other essentials. Although, the women in the rural cities were too large and had been excluded from participating in this progress because they did not have the accessibility to electricity. The women who were known to be Victorian Morals were also denied access as well.

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