1) Shane works at a computer store. If he earns $20.93 from a 7% commission on the sale of a printer, what is the price of the printer?
2) Kayla earns a weekly salary of $290 plus a 5.5% commission on sales at a gift shop. How
much would she make in a week if she sold $5700 worth of merchandise?
3) Heather works in a clothes shop, where she earns a commission of 5% and no weekly salary. What will Heather's weekly sales have to be for her to earn $375 in one week?
4) The sales tax rate in Brad's town is 4.25%. If he buys 3 lamps for $22.49 each and a sofa for $829.99, how much sales tax does he owe?

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Accepted Answer

1. he earns 20.93 which is 7% of the price of the printer so 7%=7/100 so 20.93=7/100 so here is a little trick      so we want to know what 100% is so       we know that 1/2 is equal to 4/8 so since they are equal, we can flip one of them and if we multiply them with each other, we will get 1/1 or 1 so 1/2 times 8/4=8/8 or 1 so 20.93/x (x=100%)20.93/x=7/100 so 20.93/x times 100/7=12093/7x=1multiply both sides by 7x2093=7xdivide both sides by 7299=xthe printer cost $299 2.so 290+5.5% of salessales=57005.5%=0.055'of' can be thought of as multiply so 0.055 times 5700=313.5290+313.5=603.5=what she made that week3. she earns 5% and that's all she earns5%=375a hack is that 5 times 200=100 so 5% times 20=100% so 375 times 20=100%=$7500=amount that needs to be sell to get 3754. so he buys 3 laps at 22.49 each and 829.99 with 4.25% or3 times 22.49=67.47+829.99 times 4.25% or897.46 times 4.25% or 897.46 times .0425 and get $38.1421 sales tax owed

Suggested Answer

1. 20.93 is 7% of something. Divide 20.93 by 7 and you get 2.99, which is 1% of something Multiply 2.99 by 100 to get the original value, $2992. 5.5% of 5700 is 313.5. Add that to 290 to get $603.53. The $375 that she earns is 5% of what she has sold. Multiply 375 by 20 to get $7500, how much she needs to sell4. The total cost of the 3 lamps is 22.49x3, 67.47. Add that to 829.99 to get 897.46. Multiply that by 0.0425 (4.25%) to get 38.14205, or just 38.14 in sales tax