Can some one please help me?

[SOLVED] Can some one please help me?
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height:shadowso 3.5:1.06 and is the same as 50.5:x we treat it as a fraction and get3.5/1.06 and x/50.5they should be equal we know that if we multiply two equal fractions, with one flipped, then we will get 1 exg 1/2=4/8    1/2 times 8/4=8/8=1so 3.5/1.06=x/50.5    3.5/1.06 times 50.5/x=1176.75/1.06x=1multiply both sides by 1.06x176.75=1.06xdivide both sides by 1.06166.745=xround up to hundreds place166.75m=accutal height