How did the Mongols rise to power? They sacked the city of Constantinople. They conquered large parts of Asia under Genghis Khan. They used a powerful navy to defeat their enemies. Their powerful leader Wendi led them to many victories in battle.

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The Mongols rise their power because they conquered large parts of Asia under Genghis Khan. Therefore option A is correct. Who were the Mongols? Mongols were one of the greatest empires in history. Mongols were basically from Mongolia they had the largest land area under the empire. Gengis Khan was one of the great kings or rulers of the Mongol empire or the world, he conquered almost completely Asia. He was the founding father of the Mongolian empire. Genghis Khan's vision was to control the world and that is why he spread his power through war. During the Genghis Khan period, Mongolia had great power in the world, they have the largest army in the world. That is why Gengis Khan was the main reason for to rise of the power of the Mongols.  To learn more about   Mongols follow the link.

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Answer:the answer must be on the test is B.They conquered large parts of Asis under Genghis Kawn.Explanation:I did on the test is 100%give some brainlest plz