Taryn conducted a science experiment on saturation. She added sugar to sugar water solution at different intervals. The graph shows how much sugar was in
the solution at different times
Complete the equation that represents tarns situation
Points on the graph
(0,1) and (12,7)
Please help

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Equation of a line:[tex]y=mx+c[/tex]m = gradient: The difference between two y points and two x points.[tex]m= \frac{\Delta y}{\Delta x} [/tex]c = y-intercept: Where the line crosses the y-axis (x=0)You have:[tex]y=\textunderscore\textunderscore \ x + \textunderscore[/tex]so you are missing the m and the c.To calculate m find two y coordinates -you have (12, 7) and (0, 1)- and subtract them. Then divide this by the subtracted values of the x coordinates -you have (12, 7) and (0, 1)- This gives:[tex]m= \frac{7-1}{12-0} [/tex][tex]m= \frac{6}{12} [/tex][tex]m=0.5[/tex]To calculate the c, you just see where the line crosses the y-axis. Because you have the point (0, 1), you know that when x=0, y=1. Because x=0 is on the y-axis, you can tell that the line passes through y=1. This makes your c = 1:[tex]c=1[/tex]When you plug these values into the equation you get your answer:[tex]y=0.5x+1[/tex]