mr.gilliam is 3 years younger than his wife.the sum of their ages is old is mr.gilliam

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Accepted Answer

x = the age of Mr. GilliamHis wife is 3 years older, so the age of Mr. Gilliam's wife = x+3The sum of their ages is 95.[tex]x+x+3=95 \\
2x+3=95 \\
2x=95-3 \\
2x=92 \\
x=46[/tex]Mr. Gilliam is 46 years old.

Suggested Answer

c= a+bb= a-395= a+a-395=2a-398=2aa= 49b=49-3b=46This is a system of equations. The ages are 49 and 46. Mr. Gilliam is 46. Their ages are equal to 95 so I put two variables equal to 95. And one of the ages is 3 years younger than the other so I did another equation subtracting 3 from a variable. Then I plugged in the numbers! Check it out and ask me if you have questions! :)