How do the words grieving, sigh, and blight affect the mood of "Spring and Fall"? A. They add a note of sorrow to the poem's hopeful mood. B. They bring a realistic tone to the poem's dreamlike tone. C. They lighten the poem's angry mood. D. They deepen the poem's sorrowful mood.

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Accepted Answer

I think it' s D because these words reflect the sorrow of understanding loss, mortality condition and death. Though the poem's tone is childish, the contrast to the man's evolution after the symbolic Fall into the decay is powerful and reinforced by such words like' grieving', 'weep', 'wanwood' or 'leafmeal' coming to support the idea that loss is a kind of all-consuming experience in every human's life.

Suggested Answer

The answer is D. They deepen the poem's sorrowful mood.