How did the initially small slide in stock prices lead to the stock market crash?

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The rights they have provided to their owners;Dividend Rights: It is an alias dividends. When the shares of the company belongs to the profit, the owner of common stock will be in proportion to the shares of this land. However, the common law as to be separated from the company's profits are allocated amount not distributed dividends.Pre-emptive Rights: by going to the Company's right to receive the value of the share capital increase from expansion of existing shareholders. For the benefit of the shareholders of this right must also be submitted within the period specified by the CMB of the old shares.Management Participation and Voting Rights: stock owned by the investor, the company is entitled to participate in the management board of elections as voters and candidates. But this ratio is the share of stock held.Right to Information: the person who owns the shares through the stock always has the right to obtain information about the company.Confidentiality Responsibility: the stock should always have their storage and description of company secrets.Fulfill Commitments Responsibility: Equity holders of the price he has to pay on time and capital expenditure commitments during the company organization.Agreement to Comply with Conditions Responsibility: Equity holders, specified in the partnership agreement and must comply with all rules under the undersigned.Some of these rights and responsibilities, whether in the stock market - applies to shares sold. Shares changed hands outside the transfer of certain rights when the stock market is concerned, this is not the question whether the sold shares in the stock market. To give an example; whether the stock market - the transfer of the rights in question are not sold in stock. You can get the inside info site on transactions with shares in the stock market.