Each box of information below describes one part of an experiment. Read the information, then write which stage of scientific methodology is being
Word Bank:
Initial observation, hypothesis, experiment, observation and analysis of data, Interpretation, final hypothesis supported.
1. The researchers sampled all the plots throughout the growing season. They measured growth rates, and they analyzed the chemical composition of living leaves.
2.The researchers inferred that something limits grass growth in some places. It could be any environmental factor- temperature, sunlight, water or nutrients. Based on their knowledge of salt marshes, they proposed an idea: Marsh grass growth is limited by available nitrogen.
3. Data analysis confirmed that marsh grasses in experimental plots with additional nitrogen grew taller and larger than the controls.
4. Researchers observed that marsh grass grows taller in some places than in others. This observation led to a question: Why do marsh grasses grow to different heights in different places?
5. The researchers selected similar plots of marsh grass. All plots had similar plant density, soil type, input of fresh water, and height above average tide level. The plots were divided into control and experimental groups.
6. The researchers complied all of the data. They compared the average growth rate in each plot and the average height of the plants.

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