The line that is the perpendicular bisector of the segment whose endpoints are R(-1, 6) and S(5, 5)
Indicate the equation of the given line in standard form.

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Accepted Answer

First find midpoint:  [tex]\left( \frac{-1+5}{2}, \frac{6+5}{2}\right) = (2, 5.5)[/tex] Find slope of line that passes through R and S:    slope = [tex] \frac{6-5}{-1-5} = \frac{-1}{6}[/tex]   Negative reciprocal of slope to get slope of perpendicular:    new slope = 6Line will be:  [tex] y-5.5=6(x-2)[/tex]   [tex] y = 6x - 6.5[/tex]

Suggested Answer

Answer:6x-y=13/2Step-by-step explanation: