Good evening, I'm French, I learned English, could you help me answer these questions please?(6 and 7)
Question 1 : Where did the Mayflower come from ?
The mayflower came from Britain. It got it's name because it was scheduled to set sail in May, and flower symbolized hope
Question 2 : How many passengers was up ?
There were 102 passengers
Question 3 : Why did they choose to go to America ?
They weren't to America to escape religious persecution. They didn't like the king's church/religion so they came to America to start a new one.
Question 4 : Who were the founding fathers ?
The founding fathers were the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence
Question 5 : Who was one of the writers of the declaration of independance ?
Thomas Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration of Independence
6) when did the Age of Enlightenment take place?
7) how did this period of history change Europe and America?

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Accepted Answer

For ? #6, the answer is the late 17th century. For ? #7, the most general answer would be talking about how philosophers discovered different types of government that would be better for the people, and Isaac Newton's Laws were discovered, which changed they way people thought about science.

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