the area of a reactangle mirror is 11 11/16 square feet the width of the mirror is 2 2/4 feet. if there is a 5 foot tall space on the wall to hang the mirror will it fit

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so square feet is area which is legnth times width or area=lw or a=lwwidth=w=2 2/42/4=1/2w=2 1/2=5/2a=lw11 11/16=187/16187/16=l(5/2)multiply both sides by 2/5 to clear the fraction (1/2 times 2/1=2/2=1)374/80=legnthsimplify374/80=187/40=4 27/40=legnthlegnh must be less than 5 and 4 and 27/40 is less than 5 so it will fit