Dad is 7 times as old as his son. 10 years later, he will be three times as old as his son.find their ages?

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Accepted Answer

so dad is represented by xson is represented by yso x is (x=) 7 times his son (7y)our first sentence is x=7y10 years later (x+10, y+10) he will be 3 times as old as his son (x+10=3(y+10))or 10+x=3(y+10)so our sentences arex=7yandx+10=3(y+10)first we subsitute x=7y for x in the second equation(7y)+10=3(y+10)7y+10=3(y+10)we distribute7y+10=3y+30subtract 3y from both sides4y+10=30subtract 10 from both sides4y=20divide both sides by 4y=5the son is currently 5 years oldx=7ysubsitute y=5 for y in equationx=7(5)x=35the dad is currently 35 years oldin 10 yearsdad is 45 and son is 15dad=35son=5

Suggested Answer

these are the answers son = 5dad= 35