A young boy has been found, and police are trying to locate his family. They take a DNA sample from him and begin collecting DNA samples from families who have missing children. If police use DNA samples only from the fathers, which type of DNA technology can they use to identify the boy's parent? Y-chromosome analysis mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) analysis VNTRs (variable tandem repeats) PCR (polymerase chain reaction) analysis

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Accepted Answer

Answer:The correct answer would be Y-chromosome analysis.Y-chromosome analysis is technique used to search the parental line of a boy on his father's side. Gender of a person is determined by [tex]23^{rd}[/tex] chromosome in humans. XX is present in females and XY is present in males.Mother always passes X chromosome to her progeny but father passes both X and Y chromosomes. If X is passed from the father then the offspring will be a girl and if Y is passed from the father then the offspring will be the son.The sons (F₂) of this son (F₁) will also bear the same Y chromosome as that of grand father (P). Thus, Y chromosome always passes from father to son and hence, Y-chromosome analysis can help in identification of father of this young boy.

Suggested Answer

y chromoson as men have the y chromosone and so would the boy but woman have x