394.6 divided by 9 using compatible numbers to estimate the quotient?

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Accepted Answer

The quotient of numbers is the result of dividing the numbersAn estimate of the quotient of 394.6 divided by 9 is 40The expression can be represented as:[tex]\mathbf{\frac{394.6}{9}}[/tex]Using compatible numbers, 394.6 can be estimated as 390, while 9 can be estimated as 10:So, the expression becomes[tex]\mathbf{\frac{394.6}{9} \approx \frac{400}{10}}[/tex]Divide[tex]\mathbf{\frac{394.6}{9} \approx 40}[/tex]Hence, an estimate of the quotient is 40Read more about quotients at:https://brainly.com/question/139672

Suggested Answer

so you could round 9 to 10 and multiplythis is easier since multiplying by 10 just moves the decimal point to the right so 394.6 times 10=3496