Which describes the notation Tt for the trait of being tall?
A. homozygous genotype
B. heterozygous genotype
C. homozygous phenotype
D. heterozygous phenotype

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Accepted Answer

The answer is B. Heterozygous genotype. The notation Tt shows a heterozygous genotype. A genotype shows the set of genes that it carries or was inherited. The capital letter represents a dominant trait and a lower case letter represents a recessive trait. There are two ways to describe them; homozygous and heterozygous. Heterozygous genotype has one dominant trait and one recessive trait. It looks just like what is given in your problem. Homozygous, on the other hand, has either a pair of the dominant trait or a pair of the recessive trait. This is how they look like:heterozygous: TtHomozygous: ttNow phenotype is different. Phenotype is the trait that is physically expressed. The trait that will be expressed will depend on the genotype. Genotype                     Phenotype     TT =                      homozygous tall      tt =                              short     Tt =                       heterozygous tall Take note that the dominant trait is the trait that will physically manifest or physically be expressed. 

Suggested Answer

Answer: The correct answer is- B. heterozygous genotype.Genotype corresponds the genetic makeup of an individual. it can be depicted for a particular trait/ characteristic of an organism ( such as for tall height of pea plant, genotype is Tt or TT). Heterozygous genotype has two diffrent alleles, which are usually dominant allele and recessive allele.The notation Tt for the trait of being tall depicts a heterozygous genotype because it has two variant forms of a gene ( that is 'T' and 't', which shows dominant and recessive allele respectively).Thus, option B) is the right answer.