at standard pressure how do the boiling point and the freezing point of NaCl compare to the boiling point and freezing point of H2O

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Usually in this context you would be referring to the boiling and freezing point of a NaCl solution (saltwater) compared to pure H_{2}O. Sematics would be different for NaCl compound itself, you would say melting and boiling point for a solid substance- and the temperatures would be very, very radical (high). The boiling point of pure water is 100 degrees C (212 F), and the freezing/melting point is below 0 degrees C (32 F). For a salt water solution, the boiling point is raised and the melting point is lowered. This means that water will stay liquid for an increased range of temperature. Depending on the amount of NaCl solute in the water, the boiling and melting points may change a few degrees.

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