which of the following describes "reserved powers"? A) they are determined only by the president. B) they are shared by the states and nation. C) they belong to the national government. D) they belong only to state governments.

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Accepted Answer

The reserved powers are the powers that are belonged only to state governments. Option D is correct.What is the reserved powers?Reserved powers are also known as residuary powers. These are those powers that are not expressly forbid or gave to any body part of government by law.Such qualities, as fit as general ability, are given because it is crazy to point in legislation every act permitted by the state.Therefore, option D is correct.Learn more about the reserved powers refer to:https://brainly.com/question/7998117#SPJ5

Suggested Answer

Reserved Powers are powers that belong to the states or central government. An enumerated power is a power that is exclusively reserved to the National Government, such as coining or printing money.