Which describe the life of a small farmer in colonial times? Choose all answers that are correct. A. wore nice clothes made in town B. went to college in Williamsburg C. owned a little land and hoped to own more some day D. worked in fields beside family members

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The answer is Options C and D. The options provided does not support the conditions faced by poor workers. Families on farms typically resided in one or two rooms with dirt flooring. An essential mode of transportation was the horse. They might cost as much as a month's worth of income, though.What exactly are the colonial times?From the early 17th century until the Thirteen Colonies were incorporated into the United States of America following the War of Independence, European colonization of North America is covered by the colonial history of the United States.Colonial America (1492-1763) European countries migrated to the Americas in order to boost their economies and expand their sway over international politics. Among the first Europeans to explore the New World and establish themselves in what is now the United States were the Spaniards.A prime example of colonial dominance is the long-term control the British Empire maintained over a large portion of North America, some of Africa, and India. Indigenous people, including tribal tribes, have frequently lost their status as the dominant group in areas where they were formerly the majority due to colonialism.To learn more about colonial times refer to: https://brainly.com/question/26483159#SPJ2

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A small farmer in colonial times wore clothes made in their respective towns, owned little land and hoped to own more some day, and worked in fields beside their family members.