What did the Greeks believe about people? A. They needed a strong leader to guide them. B. They could run good governments. C. They were slaves to the gods. D. They needed to rely on the wealthy to choose leaders.

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Accepted Answer

The belief of Greeks about the people was that they could run the government.What is Government?The term "government" refers to the authority that governs the entire country. It is an organization of people who work together to serve the nation and act in its best interests. The government also serves to protect the country from outsiders.The powers were distributed variously across the three forms of government: unitary, federal, and confederate.Greece was a conglomeration of several city-states with varying governing systems. Sparta, for example, was an oligarchy, but Athens was a democracy. Greece's regimes were noted because of being revolutionary new advances.Therefore, it can be concluded that Greeks believed that there should be people's government. Learn more about Government here:https://brainly.com/question/17166802#SPJ6

Suggested Answer

Greece was a culination of many city states with different government systems. For example, Sparta was an oligarchy, and Athens was a democracy.Personally, I think this is a strange question because it doesn't specify which Greek society or in what context they believed this. Try looking in your reading, it may take a different specific viewpoint on this. If I had to give an answer, I would choose, B. They could run good governments. The governments that existed Greece are known for being revolutionary new developments.