which characteristic is shared by all cells?

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Accepted Answer

The cell has been the smallest unit of the level of the organization that has a membrane that serves boundary, genetic material, and the cellular fluid (cytoplasm). Thus, option D is correct.What is a cell?Cells can be defined as the unit of the organism that is studied in cell biology. Their aggregated results in the formation of a higher level of organization. The cell of all organisms has cell membranes that act as a protective boundary between the external and the internal environments.All cells (prokaryotes or eukaryotes) have genetic material in their cell either in the cytoplasm or in the nucleus. The cell is majorly composed of the cellular fluid called cytoplasm where all the organelles lie.Therefore, option D. all of the above options are correct.Learn more about cells, here:https://brainly.com/question/11419259#SPJ2Your question is incomplete, but most probably your full question was, Which characteristic is shared by all cells?A. a membrane serving as a cell boundary.B. the possession of genetic information.C. the presence of cellular fluid.D. All of these choices are correct.

Suggested Answer

Two characteristics that are shared by all cells are having an outer membrane and containing biochemicals. Biochemical refers to any chemical compound that makes up a cell.