Which is an accurate description of most of the men who attended the Second Continental Congress?
successful, prominent men with college educations
common men and workers with religious conviction
farmers and tradesmen with little education but strong values
self-educated businessmen with good common sense

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Accepted Answer

The statement that give description about the men that  attended the Second Continental Congress in a accurate manner is A:successful, prominent men with college educations.The Second Continental Congress can be regarded aa the meeting of delegates which was chosen from the Colonies in America that united for American Revolutionary War.This delegates were appointed as ambassador, they were learned and educated men that can represent their colonies where ever they found themselves.Therefore, option A is correct.https://brainly.com/question/15809126?referrer=searchResults

Suggested Answer

The men who attended the Second Continental Congress were A. Successful and prominent men with college educations. A notable member was John Hancock, who attended Harvard.

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