the Russell family keeping track of the amount they drink each week. The first week they drank 2 gallons 1 quart in 1 cup of milk the second week they drank 3 gallons of milk many more cups of milk do they drink the second week than the first week

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so first we convert to a common number(cups are the smallest so we'll convert to that)2cups=1pint2pints=1quart4quarts=1gallon1gallon=8pints1gallon=16cups1quart=4cupsfirst week they drank 2 gallons or 2 times 16 cups or 32 cups, 1 quart which is 4 and 1 cup so 32+4+1=37 cups the first weekweek two 3 gallons which is 16 times 3 which is 48 cups in second weeksecond week-first week =difference48-37=1111 cups difference