what is the y intercept of 5x-2y=10

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Accepted Answer

so the y-intercept is when the line crossed the y-axis or when x=0(just because I like doing this in slope-intercept form)we'll convert to slope-intercept formy=mx+b m=slope and b=y-intercept5x-2y=10add 2y to both sides5x=2y+20subtract 20 from both sides5x-20=2y2y=5x-20divide both sides by 2y=5/2x-10y-intercept is -10or make x=0y=5/2(0)-10y=-10Y-INTERCEPT=-10

Suggested Answer

the correct anwser would be -5 and im in middle school and i just learned about this so the y intercept is -5