How did the decision the Supreme Court reached in Texas v. Johnson affect the protections offered by the First Amendment? Give your response in the form of two to three complete sentences.

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Expanded freedom of speech to include symbols. Johnson burned an American flag to protest Reagan's presidency. He was found guilty of flag desecration but the when the case came to the Supreme Court, the Court decided it was a protected form of free speech. The Court stated that the government could not declare a symbol and only allow it to be used in a means found acceptable by the government. They stated that just because the action is not agreeable to others doesn't mean it shouldn't be protected.

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As the First Amendment clearly disallows the abbreviation of speech, but court restated its long recognition that its protection doesn’t end at the spoke or written word.

Further Explanations:
Texas V. Johnson (1989) an United StatesSupreme Court's judgment that denies, barring on banning American flag imposed in 48 states of  United States. Justice William affirmed that accused Johnson's act of burning flag was protected under United StatesConstitution's First AmendmentAct. Gregory Lee Johnson was then advocated by Attorney William Kunstler and D. Cole.

Republican National Conventionwas held in Dallas,1984. Johnson participated in it as the representative of Revolutionary Communist Youth,Brigade.He along with his fellow beings marched through the street of Dallas shouting, destroying properties, breaking windowsand throwing trash outside the offices of several companies. Somehow one of the protestor handed over a stolen American flag to Johnson and when they reached Dallascity Hall, Johnson poured kerosene on the flag and put it on fire.
Johnson was charged violating the Texas law and was then sentenced one year imprisonment along with a fine amounting $2,000.Later Texas court of Criminal Appeal altered thisjudgment, saying that he could not be punished for burning the flag as First Amendment protects such pursuit as symbolic speech.

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