Which describes women in Puritan society? A. seen as less important than men and expected to stay quiet B. thought to be holier than men and encouraged to give sermons C. seen as equal to men and allowed to speak out D. respected as mothers and religious leaders and taught to preach

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Accepted Answer

The correct option is A. Women in Puritan society were seen as less important than men and expected to stay quiet.Women played a variety of roles in Puritan society. As farm laborers, women tended their vegetable gardens. As wives, they took care of their husbands. As moms, they bore and raised the next generation of Puritan children.How did the Puritans feel about marriage?Puritans viewed marriage as a legal transaction independent of one's religious beliefs rather than as a religious institution or sacrament. As a result, the Puritans held that a magistrate, or officer of the state, should officiate at marriage rather than a clergyman.Puritan women were expected to support one another while bowing to their husbands and fathers and following their instructions. They kept the males out of the birthing room and offered the expectant mother beer in addition to prayers of consolation. In public, women were expected to dress modestly and cover their arms.Thus, The right answer is A. In Puritan society, women were supposed to be quiet and were viewed as less important than males.Learn more about Puritan society here:https://brainly.com/question/5386350#SPJ6

Suggested Answer

Answer:A) Seen as less important than men and expected to stay quietExplanation:I took the test and it said A was correct. hope this helps!