Who was allowed to participate in Athenian democracy? A. slaves who had been freed B. men whose fathers had been citizens D. wives of citizens C. foreign-born residents

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Answer:Men whose Fathers had been Citizens ( B ) Explanation:Athenian Democracy is one of the oldest Democracy of all times, it was founded as far back as the 6th century B.C  in Athens and also the city that was closest to it called Attica, Athenian democracy was the first in the country Greece and also considered one of the oldest in the world.It was a direct form of democracy that doesn't need a representative as seen in modern day democracy. as long as you are a citizen by birth and over 20 years of age you are obligated to participate in the democratic process of electing democratic officials which was mainly done through a lottery process called sortition. wives of citizens were not allowed to participate likewise foreign born's and freed slaves it was mainly for the male citizens.

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Men whose fathers had been citizens were allowed to participate in Athenian democracy. Democracy is believed to have started in Athens, Greece, making Athenian democracy one of the first forms of government as a democracy.