Which statement about the Supreme Court is true? Every case appealed to the Supreme Court is ruled upon by the court. The court hears all cases for which two or more justices agree that the case has merit. The court decides which cases it will hear. In deciding cases, the chief justice�s vote counts as two votes. The court can hear only cases that have worked their way up from local courts.

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The Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear.The Supreme Court is asked to review more than 7,000 cases each year, so it would not be possible for the court to rule on every case that is sent to it.  The Supreme Court agrees to hear about 100 to 150 cases per year.  The vast majority of those cases do work their way up to the Supreme Court from lower courts.  About two-thirds of the cases come from lower federal court decisions that are appealed for review, and about one-third of the cases are reviewing decisions made by supreme courts of individual states.  But there are some cases that can have original jurisdiction at the Supreme Court level -- such as when there is a case between one state government and another or between state governments and the federal government.

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Supreme Court only hears the cases which have worked their way all the way up from local state courts.

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The Supreme Court of United States is the highest court of the country. It looks after the workings of government in regards to rights provided to people and also keeps an eye of working of lower courts such as Local and State Courts. It never takes up any new case. All the cases that come to Supreme Court for hearing and further verdict come from lower courts. If someone is unsatisfied with the verdict which is given to him/her from lower court then He/She has full right to re-appeal against the verdict in Supreme Court. There is one chief justice and eight associate judges in the Supreme Court. All the judges of Supreme Court are appointed for lifetime. Supreme courts works both under Appellate jurisdiction and Original Jurisdiction.  Every year around 10000 cases come to Supreme Court for review but only 80-100 are accepted for reviewing after going through those cases. If Supreme Court chooses to hear a case, both parties are given 30 minutes each to present their case orally and sometimes in some cases, If Supreme Court feels to hear the case more, then this period of oral discussion can also be extended. Earlier the argument of cases used to go on for days and weeks but with the time the workload on Supreme Court has increased and that is the reason there is time limit set for the discussion of a case by Supreme Court.  
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